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1. A study on collaborative telepsychiatric consultations to outpatients of district hospitals of Karnataka, India
2. An impact of a digitally driven primary care psychiatry program on the integration of psychiatric care in the general practice of primary care doctors
3. Approach to Informed Consent in Tele psychiatric Service: Indian Perspective
4. Case vignette‐based evaluation of psychiatric blended training program of primary care doctors
5. Collaborative Tele‐Neuropsychiatry Consultation Services for Patients in Central Prisons
6. Collaborative Video Consultations from a Tertiary Care Based Tele psychiatrist to a Remote Primary Care Doctor to Manage Opioid Substitution Therapy Clinic
7. Concurrent Validity and Interrater Reliability of the “Clinical Schedules for Primary Care Psychiatry”
8. Conference summary “Digital mental health: An opportunities and challenges in India”
9. Coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic: Time to optimize the potential of telepsychiatric aftercare clinic to ensure the continuity of care
10. Designing and implementing an innovative digitally driven primary care psychiatry program in India
11. Economic Perspectives on Setting up and Running Telepsychiatry Services in India
12. Feasibility and Utility of Tele‐Neurorehabilitation Service in India: Experience from a Quaternary Center
13. Geriatric Telepsychiatry: Promoting Access to Geriatric Mental Health Care Beyond the Physical Barriers
14. Patient’s Perspectives of Telepsychiatry: The Past, Present and Future
15. Prescribing Psychotropics: Perspective From Telepsychiatry Operational Guidelines 2020
16. Taluk Mental Health Program: The new kid on the block?
17. Tele-psychiatric after care clinic for the continuity of care: A pilot study from an academic hospital
18. Telemedicine practice guidelines of India, 2020: Implications and challenges
19. Telemedicine-Based Tobacco Treatment Model in Primary Care from a Low-Resource Setting
20. Telepsychiatry and Medical Insurance: Comparative Perspectives Between India and the United States
21. Telepsychiatry as an Economically Better Model for Reaching the Unreached: A Retrospective Report from South India
22. Telepsychiatry for Mental Health Service Delivery to Children and Adolescents
23. The Future of Telepsychiatry in India