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Diploma in Community Mental Health for Nurses B14

Diploma in Community Mental Health for Nurses B14

Diploma in Community Mental Health for Nurses B14

Objectives of the course
On course completion, the participants should be able to:
1. Identity, screen for mental health disorders (CMD, SUD and SMD) and factors influencing it.

2.Decide “best practices” like pharmacological treatment and handle brief psychosocial interventions for mental health issues
Make decisions about what can be managed by them and what needs to be referred to higher centers 

Design and Duration
60 hours- Blended Learning 
1.Face to Face in zoom teleECHO or similar video conferencing will be held every week on Friday 10.30 am to 12pm
2.Total of  48 hrs live interactive sessions using  Zoom Healthcare teleECHO video conference 
3.Self-Paced e-learning: 12 hours e-learning  at or similar LMS contents, reading materials including assignments )

Accreditation Criteria
1. More than 80% Attendance (19/24 live sessions) in the weekly Live sessions which is measured by the software and your video presence ( >90 minutes video presence for each live session is mandatory).
2. Presentation of Two patient Psychosocial Assessments in the weekly live interactive sessions
3. Completion of all Six E-Assignments at with 80% for each Assignment. A final attempt will be permissible to those who are not able to clear the assignments in the first attempt. Each attempt for all six assignments will be live for 48 hours after which the link will be disabled. (Note: First Attempt is Mandatory to appear for the second attempt) 
4. Monthly reports of patients seen (during the course) to be submitted before the 5th of every month.
5. Completion of pre-test and post-test and feedback

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