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Diploma and Certificate courses

Specially designed for Health care providers, counsellors, educators as well as anyone who loves learning. These courses are approved by NIMHANS Digital Academy Board of Studies.

Diploma in Community Mental Health: Basic programme


Specially designed for Doctors (MBBS or above) working at various level and providing clinical services. This 6 months online course will provide a basic understanding of the common Mental health Disorders and management.



This course is specially designed for Nurses who are working at the ground level to provide a basic understanding of common Mental Health Disorders and best practices in their management at community level.


Designed for psychologists, who have interest in understanding the management options for mental health problems.  This will enable you to screen, identify, decide what can be done and when to refer.

Social Workers

This course is designed for Social Workers and it deals with topics that help in identifying the mental health disorders, psychosocial issues associated with those disorders and psychosocial treatment procedures.

The focus here is about “Patient-Centric”, “Peer-led”, “All teach-All learn” Model. A team of clinical specialists tele-mentor the Hub and Spokes model  by focussing on case based learning. The objective is that at the end of the Program, you can work like “Expert” in providing quality care.

During each tele-ECHO session, about 2 to 3 patient cases will be presented by the remote spoke participants through multi-point video conferencing. Following the case discussion, there will be brief didactic topics will be presented by subject matter experts of NIMHANS.

Each participant will have access various materials in the form of selected textbook, articles, videos, power points etc.

This is open to all health care providers i.e. Doctor, nurses, counsellors, learners, educators